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Books & Web Sites

Books and Articles Available to Download

Submarine - The Autobiography of Simon Lake (pdf)

The Submarine in War and Peace; its Developments and its Possibilities (pdf)

A Submarine Boat - The Strand Magazine -1898

The Submarine Boat "Argonaut" and her Achievements - McClures Magazine January, 1899 (pdf)

New Navel Terror - NY Times Article on Simon Lake's submarine the Octopus - August 24, 1902 (pdf)

All Google Books on Simon Lake and the Argonaut between 1898 and 1900

Submarine Navigation Past and Present - Alan H Burgoyne, 1903 (pdf)

The Story Of The Submarine - Colonel Cyril Field, 1908 (pdf)

The Story Of The Submarine - Farnham Bishop, 1916 (pdf)

Two replicas of the Argonaut Jr. have been constructed by the Atlantic Heights Lions Club.  Both of these replicas were for display only. The first in 1967 and a replacement on the centennial in 1994.  Articles and more information regarding these replicas:  1967 Replica and 1994 Replica.

Web Sites

www.simonlake.com - The Simon Lake Submarine Web Site
Simon Lake and his Submarines - Susan Ditmire, Atlantic County Historian
The Submarine Heritage of Simon Lake - US Navy Article