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Build Log

June 2010

June 27th - First Dive
June 26th  - Launch!  
June 22 - Drop Weights are Installed
June 14 - Casting & Trimming more lead ballast weights! We took her to the scales and came in a 2,560 pounds for the submarine only.

May 2010

May 30 - Ballast weights, drive wheels, & inspection ports.
May 26 - View Ports
May 22 - Lots of sanding on the hull today.
May 13 - Please stop raining!
We added the one layer of plywood then rolled her over for the rest.
Framing for the sides and the top deck goes on.

April 2010

Building the ballast tanks.
Converted the CNC table to plasma and cut the chain sprockets.
Successfully tested the ROV's thruster motors.
Jose completed testing the Dive Helmet!
The drop weight system is now installed.
Dennis Tucker, Tina, Maya, and Sicily joined us for an evening of putting epoxy on the top deck.

March 2010

Mike, Hunter, and Brian joined Kay and I and we got a good start on the Conning Tower and Drop Weight system.
Tonight we got the beams glued to the top deck.
We have been building the wheels, and they are 90% completed.
All of the plywood pieces have been glued up into panels, except for the curved sides.
Kay's article, "Start With a Question" has been published in the "OCHEC Informer" a magazine for Home Educators in Oklahoma.
We got all of the plywood pieces cut, and sanded and ready to start gluing together.

February 2010

We picked up the wood today! See: Cutting the Plywood.
Jose Berrios has the replica of Simon Lake's dive suit ready for testing!
We've got all 4 laminated beams completed for the framing and the drive wheel axel support blocks.
Tim Smalley has begun construction of a working model of the Argonaut Jr.
Jose Berrios has started on a replica of Simon Lake's dive suit.
The small wheels / tiller and drive wheel axel are nearing completion.
ROV plans coming together.  Mike Bearden and I have completed the planning and have successfully tested many of the part.

January 2010

Posted CAD files for the Argonaut Jr and the model
Complete molds for interior lead ballast and a materials list
Sub Monkeys - Movie Completed - Part 1, Part 2

December 2009

Building the display model
Thanks to Dennis Tucker of King Tat Graphix for our logo.
Pouring the drop weights
Testing the ballast with the crush test model
Building the crush test model
Updated the ballast calculations again - These are really close.

November 2009

CNC cutting the 1/4 scale model
Drop weights design
Ballast tank size and freeboard
Ballast tank and ballast weight design
Completed the two anchors
Chuck Veit with Tim Smalley's assistance is making progress on a 3D rendering of Argonaut Jr.
Completed converting our VHS radio for an underwater intercom
Built a VHS Marine antenna for our radio

October 2009

In the Beginning

Stirred by a discussion about an open source ambient submarine Kay and I took a couple of days to kick the idea around and decided launch the Argonaut Jr 2010 project. Below is the original idea posted to the international_psubs_minisubs Yahoo group.

"Build an Argonaut Jr, 2010 version, in 1 day. -- Interested?"

"With lots of preplanning, plywood, 2x6's, screws, some prebuilt parts, tanks for ballast, PVC pipe & valves and 6 to 8 people I bet we could build Argonaut Jr in one day. That would be fun! I don't think it would cost more than $2000 USD by using loaned materials like scuba tanks and lead. I'd be happy to foot that bill. Come in on Friday, build it on Saturday, trailer it out to the lake on Sunday morning for testing and invite the media for demonstration dives on Sunday afternoon. Have some fun and maybe inspire some young minds. Who here would travel to Tulsa, OK to take part in a weekend like that in mid June 2010?

Doug Jackson