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Dive Log

The Argonaut Jr. submarine preparing to dive.


LaunchOnly the Best Submarine Launch Ever!

First Dive


Dive Helmet

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Recreating Simon Lake's Wooden Submarine

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Mike and the Exploding Ballast Tank - Parts 1 and 2 


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Boy Scouts, Submarines, Metal Working & Scuba Diving


Dive Site

Strayhorn Landing swim area.

The dive site was Tenkiller Ferry Lake, better know as Lake Tenkiller, Oklahoma.  Map  Dives were conducted in the South end of the lake primarily off the shores of the Strayhorn Landing Public Use Area near Strayhorn Marina.  And many thanks to Strayhorn Marina.




Tenkiller Lake - South end.

Bottom Topology

The bottom on the north side of Strayhorn Landing is rock, protected from the prevailing winds, and offers a swimming area, marina and public facilities.  Water depths near the landing have rock walls that plunge to over 100 feet offering excellent scuba diving by with visibility from 10 to 15 feet.  Not great, but very similar to the visibility that Simon Lake would have encountered off Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.