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Amazing Military Vehicles, the series
Rosen Publishing, 2009

All around the world and under its oceans, U.S. military vehicles take on tough and dangerous jobs. Helicopters rescue wounded soldiers, armored vehicles carry Marines to the battle lines, huge planes bring food, water, and medicine to places hit by disasters, subs search for enemy ships, tanks protect troops on patrol, and ships launch planes and missiles.  Learn more about amazing military vehicles in this exciting series.












Explore the Desert, Explore the Grasslands, and Explore the Ocean
Capstone's FactFinders for Early Readers, 2006

Designed for readers ages 7 to 10, these books create a "you are there" feeling using journal notes and sidebars. Each ends with the description of a scientist and his or her work. For example, Explore Grasslands highlights Con Slobodchikoff who studies how prairie dogs communicate. He believes these little creatures have at a vocabulary of at least 20 words!








Deserts, Lakes, Oceans, and Rivers
Capstone's Bridgestone Books, 2006

These short books highlight the plants, animals, people, and weather of a specific earthform as well as how it was formed. Vivid photos, amazing facts, and maps complete these fascinating geography introductions.

The places and spaces of our world fascinate me. Iíve hiked the deserts of Arizona, California and New Mexico. Iíve rafted, canoed, and waded in rivers of both North and South America. Iíve swam in the warm waters on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and jumped into the cold waters of the Pacific. Iíve also explored the green waters and muddy bottoms of the lakes in American Midwest. With each of these little books, I drew upon those experiences to create a personal yet accurate picture of the biomes of the world.




Life in a Freshwater Lake
Gale's Kidhaven Press, 2006

While freshwater lakes cover only a fraction of the earthís surface, these bodies of freshwater are home to thousands of different species of plants and animals. Freshwater Lakes explains the processes that form lakes, describes the plants and animals that live in lakes, and shows how people affect lakes.

As I wrote Lakes I looked back on our experiences diving the lakes of Oklahoma and Arkansas as well as the freshwater spring pools of Florida. These memories inspired topics such as "Stuck in the Mud," "Everything Depends on Algae", "Floaters, Skimmers and Swimmers," and "Hunters, Paddlers, and Waders."



Plate Tectonics
Gale's Lucent Books, 2005

In seconds, mountains explode, earthquakes topple skyscrapers, and tsunamis race across entire oceans. Tectonic forces are the cause of these disasters. The Earthís surface is a dynamic mosaic of giant crustal plates that drift across the planetís face. Plate Tectonics explains the ancient geological forces that continue to shape our planet and the fragile life on it.

When I wrote Plate Tectonics, I thought about my middle school students. What about plate tectonics would capture their interest? As I read the first-hand accounts of the geologists who developed and refined the theory of plate tectonics, it was clear that this was a time of excitement. These scientists, many only graduate students in their twenties, broke through long-held traditions and well-established views to create a theory that literally changed how we see our world. I wanted to transmit to my readers that sense of thrill and adventure. To that end, Plate Tectonics is filled with quotes from the earth scientists whose ideas, discoveries, and experiences have given us, as Helen Prager states in Earthís Fury, a way for ďus understand the present, past and future shape of the Earth's surface, and its earth-shaking, fiery, and watery displays of power."