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NetApp and Oracle

As an Oracle DBA the combination of NetApp storage snapshots, snapmirrors, and clones, combined with the Unix shell scripts listed here will save you hundreds or hours over the course of a year.  And your customers will appreciate the speed and on-demand controls you'll be able to provide.  Before NetApp my company cloned database with restores for tape which took hours complete and needed constant oversight from the DBA to make sure things where progressing as fast as they could. Now my customers click a button when they want a clone and the get an email a couple of minutes later telling them it's completed.

  • Hot backups without archive log mode
  • More supporting development and test databases in less space
  • Cloning from hot backups with no user intervention
  • Creating a new database in minutes by cloning
  • Changing the database name with one command
  • Switching a database and it's mirror image with one command.
  • Updating multiple mirrors of a database with one command.
  • Create and initialize mirrors for multiple database at once.