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Authenication Control
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Oracle DBA Stuff

WARNING: If you are not a DBA or an insomniac then leave this page now! 

This is what I do to make money.  At one time, I loved it.  Now I enjoy it. When I get the sailboat completed, I will not give a rats ass about it.  :) 

Oracle Authentication Control

  • Stop TOAD, SqlPlus and other SQL utilities logins.
  • Restrict connections to specified host or programs and DBA's
  • Send email notices detailing blocked login attempts.
  • Log all connections by OS user, Oracle user, program, client machine name in a database table.
  • Start Oracle Traces for specified connections,
  • Process Oracle trace files into report and have them emailed to the developers.
  • Record all of the SQL executed for specific connections and post it to a historical database where it can be searched.

Automating Change Controls with

  • Automate the tedious and error prone DBA work or moving developers changes to Production.
  • It's UNIX shell scripts!  Easily customized to your particular needs.
  • Developers can optionally apply their own scripts to Test and Quality databases.
  • Scripts are applied to production with the same process so there are no unexpected errors.
  • Emails reports are sent to the developers and DBA's keeping them informed of changes.
  • Any errors are noted and brought to the attention of the developers and DBAs.
  • Backups are automatically run just prior to applying changes.
  • After scripts are applied a checkup of the database reports problems such as invalid objects.
  • Detail logs are kept for each script as well as the historical activity.
  • Scripts are automatically reapplied after a database is cloned from production.
  • Developers can modify the list of scripts that will be applied after the next clone.
  • Production changes can be scheduled or staged and triggered on demand by any administrator.
  • Works at the schema level for databases that contain multiple schemas for multiple applications.

NetApp Storage & Oracle

  • Hot backups without archive log mode
  • More supporting development and test databases in less space
  • Cloning from hot backups with no user intervention
  • Creating a new database in minutes by cloning
  • Changing the database name with one command
  • Switching a database and it's mirror image with one command.
  • Updating multiple mirrors of a database with one command.
  • Create and initialize mirrors for multiple database at once.