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Scanning Sonar


Forward Scanning Sonar

A forward scanning sonar would be great for an ROV or submarine as it would  give the ability to see what is out front long before could otherwise see it and run into it.  The cost is the problem.  JW Fishers www.jwfishers.com has a unit for about $6,500
See: http://www.jwfishers.com/scan650.htm

It's a great unit, but the abilities and prices only go up from this point.


Side Scan Sonar

Humminbird 798CI

There are lots of high dollar commercial side scan units, but Hummingbird; www.humminbird.com, has brought sub $1000 side scan to the huge sport fishing market.  Lowrance Structure Scan will add some competition to the low end market. These units are intended to work when mounted on to the bottom of a boat, but they can be modified to for us on a ROV or as a towed unit.  Getting the transducer closer to the bottom improves the quality because the targets are closer and the tow fish and ROV are not rocking with every wave on the surface.

A great resource for modifying the Hummingbird units is the Unofficial Hummingbird Forum and the Yahoo group sideimaging

The transducers have successfully been down to 300 feet.  How deep can they go?  We'll have to find out.

Extending the Transducer's Cable can be done by simply purchasing more cable.  Hummingbird supports up to 50 feet, but the cable has been extended to 300 feet with adequate performance.

Transducer Extension cables:
EC-W10 is a ten foot transducer extension cable
EC-W30 is a thirty foot transducer extension cable
Si transducer for the 997c Si is the XHS-9-HDSi-108-T

Recommended, non-Hummingbird extension cable: Belden 9730 or Alpha 6073C or any 12 to 15pf per foot.
22 or 24 gauge. 3 individually shielded twisted pairs.

Coming Soon

Forward Scanning with a Side Scan Sonar

Humminbird 997 Image of fish
house on the bottom made by
rotating the transducer.

It's a bit more difficult to figure out what your looking at but it is possible to rotate the side scan's transducer and get an image.  You can also block off one side and walk along the shore with the transducer on the end of a pole. 
Read more here on the Unofficial Hummingbird Forum.

"The guys from the bait shop couldn't find the submerged fish house so I rigged up my Humminbird 997 to scan under the ice."  -- Warren Parsons, warren@accuemap.com
Read more here on Warren's site.