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Workplace Injuries
Stories about Carl Sr.


With the house completed, we turned are attention to building the shop. The shop is actually bigger than the house and includes attic storage, and a small apartment with a sleeping loft.


Aug 4, 2006 - 105F - We
got smart and hired two
friends; Mike and Eduardo
who know what they are
doing around concrete.

Late Summer rains.


The shop framing is
progressing and the pavers
for the patio have arrived.

Our pet chicken. We picked
out 3 names; Red, Lucky, and
Dog Food.  The latter was just
in case Sam didn't understand
about the "pet" thing.

I explained to Sam that we
liked the name "Red" better
than "Dog Food".   ....This fell
on long deaf ears.  

As we mourned the lost of
"Dog Food" we completed the
roof and put on the lath
for the stucco.















Our huge vent fan in the wall
of what will be the plasma
cutting room. The window is
for the guest room/office
sleeping loft and the little hole
is for the AC.

Oct 1 and the stucco is done!
Thanks to a couple of nights
help from my neighbor Ramiro,
who is also helping me with
my Spanish. And Kay the
Queen of the stucco mixer.

Kay installs the insulation in the
sleeping loft.


Our neighbor Ramiro finishing
a granite desk top for the
office.  Yes, a $480 desk top
in the same office with $80
of carpet.  But not only is the desk top beautiful; it was free. 

Shop office desk.

Ladder to the sleeping loft.

The happy couple after two
weekends of moving stuff from
the shed into the new shop.


Take a tour:  North end, double doors. Nothing but
snow out front right now.


East Wall:  Assembly table
and power tools. It will never
be this clean again.

Room for a computer on the
far end beside the doors to
what will be the plasma/router
cutting room.

Latter to the attic storage,
deep freezer, sink, drying rack
and white board next to the

West wall is everything that
makes stuff you have to sweep
up. Drill press, grinders, mini
lathe, chop saw, brushes.

The vise, table saw go where
needed another work bench
on wheels will be next.


And the final touch is a shed over the front doors.



1 year later...   Empty space in a shop is like a vacuum.  Something will soon fill it.