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Submarine Yacht


Most submarines are strictly displacement vessels consisting of round steel hull under a fiberglass fairing to make them more streamlined and protect all of the mechanical parts outside the hull.  However "Proteus", a design by Herve Jaubert formerly off Exomos in Dubai integrates an unconventional dry cabin into a submersible yacht. There is a great story behind this! See the book on Amazon.

"Displacement 45 tons, carries 10 people in the watertight cabin and up to 15 divers on deck. 1200HP diesel engine for surface and 200 kw electric motor for submerged transits. 300 miles range surface, 24 miles range under the water. Manned with 1 pilot and 1 engineer
Top speed 25 knts price tag: $8M"  --Herve Jaubert