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Teacher Stuff

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"Sub Monkeys" --  Meet Simon and Bart and view the story of the Argonaut Jr.  This l5 minute long movie explains the science behind the submarine and seeks to inspire students to follow the path of exploration and discovery. It is based on of the book; Submarine - The Autobiography of Simon Lake 

Full Length, High Resolution Movie
Teacher's Guide
Student Activity

Deep Diver

Boyle's Law - Science activity that demonstrates how air compresses and displacement and buoyancy is lost as the water pressure increases.

We have a set of 30 units for you to borrow alone with the submarine.





You can borrow Argonaut Jr.'s underwater communication system and experiment with sound underwater.  Learn about piezo transducers, sound waves, frequencies.

For complete details on how to build your own hydrophone see our Hydrophone and Underwater Voice Communications page.

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Other Videos To Show Your Students

Dive Helmet

Right Click to Download This Video

See: Dive Helmet for details on the building of this helmet and plans for other dive helmets and air pumps.







Recreating Simon Lake's Wooden Submarine 

Right Click to Download This Video

See: Books and Web Sites including Simon Lake's autobiography and news stories about the Argonaut Jr. and Argonaut submarines.


National Council of Geographic Education - Conference Video presented by Karen Guerrero.