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Metal Working

Plasma/Router CNC

Plasma Cutter

If my shop caught fire and I could only grab one tool it would be the Hypertherm plasma cutter. It cuts steel and aluminum like a hot knife through butter. The plan is to built a CNC table that will allow a computer to control the plasma torch when cutting metal and a router when cutting wood or foam.

Read more about it here: Plasma/Router CNC

Welding Aluminum with MIG

Welding aluminum was once considered beyond the ability of the do-it-yourselfer. Not anymore!

"Give me five minutes, and I can teach a monkey to wire weld."

I heard those works over ten years ago from a foreman at S&H Trailers in Madill Oklahoma.  It was still a leap of faith when I decided to build a welded aluminum boat.  I had only done some stick welding many, many, years ago and I was never very good. But I am ready to say now that perhaps monkeys can do this.  I believe I now have a good grasp of MIG aluminum welding, at least what I need to know for my specific project.  So I want to encourage you on your aluminum welding project. It's not really that hard. My wife says "It's just like a hot glue except sparkier".  Read more about Aluminum welding on both the submarine and the sailboat; Welding


While the metal lathe is most likely the least used tool in our shop it is one of the most indispensable for making parts with o-rings grooves, the odd PVC fitting, a perfectly round hole in a jig or for just polishing a cylinder.

While this is only a Mini-Lathe we have used it to turn aluminum parts over 6 inches in diameter, and cut stainless steel V-groove wheels.

Read more about it here: Lathe

Working with Lead

If you need 1,000 to 30,000 pounds of lead for ballast, then you came to the right place.

If you want to make bullets, figurines, or fishing weights then this will be over kill. :)

Read more about it here: Working with Lead


Casting Aluminum

Aluminum by weight is stronger than steel.  It is widely available. It does not rust. It melts at a reasonable 1300 degrees F. And it can be cast into a variety of shapes.  

We have cast handles, bushings, boxes, and even a gear box. And you can learn how as well as what not to do.

Read more about it here: Casting Aluminum


Cutting Aluminum

Router with a straight bit is good for cutting corners.

Aluminum is a remarkable material.  By weight it is stronger that steel, but you can still cut it with the same carbide bit tools used in every wood shop.

Read more about it here: Cutting Aluminum