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Surface Planing Wet Sub

Many thanks to Herve and Franck for providing photos of their projects below.

Herve Jaubert's Intruder

Herve builds subs commercially and build Intruder for the military and security market.  On the surface it is driven by an outboard motor, modified so that the housing is ambient compensated.

Intruder - Wet sub, powered on the surface by outboard.Intruder - Aft View

Franck Iapichino's Surface Planing Wet Sub

Franck Iapichino is building a wet sub out of a fiberglass speed boat hull.  He has added a water tight compartment for an 80hp yamaha jet-ski engine that will propel the boat on the surface.  Underwater propulsion will be provided by 2 Minnkota trolling motors.  He has come a long way in a short time and I am looking forward to seeing the final product.  What an elegant solution to for long duration shallow dives searches far from shore!  Bookmark this page, and I will updated it with addition photos as I get them.

...his lovely wife Loetitia at the helm.

Surface testing, 35 nds at full power and easy to handle

Click here to see a movie of the high speed surface test.

  Leak testing the exhaust water box.
Fiberglass thruster mounts.
Retractable dive planes
Forward Deck & Dive Planes
Control Console
Cockpit Modifications

Dive Planes
...and they retract too!

Tail Fin

Helm controls.

Aft hydrodynamic cover.

Thanks Franck!